About the Discover Curriculum

The Discover Curriculum is an education initiative of Roma Learning to Fly.

In many central European countries, Roma children make up a disproportionate percentage of those in special schools or classes. To be labelled in this way and placed in a special program ensures the child will receive a substandard education, the equivalent of a grade 4 education spread over the mandated 9 years of schooling.

This lack of preparedness means that these children will have little to no chance for meaningful, sustainable employment.

Through the Discover Curriculum, we are working to equip parents to ensure children have the skill set necessary for successful entry into “normal” school.

Our program is free for parents or people looking for a program to reach children and families in their communities.

The Curriculum Designer


In 2013, Dr. Joyce Long, PhD Ed, traveled with Roma Learning to Fly to conduct parent seminars. Out of that trip the Discover Parent Seminars began to take shape.  

The seminars are an adaption of a program developed by Dr. Long while working with the Latino Task Force (funded by Beacon Health System, South Bend, IN).